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4 min readJun 19, 2019

BrightSky is a community and platform created by and for practitioners. Collectively we offer healing, therapy, coaching, facilitation, well-being, mentoring, space-holding services.
We share a strong sense of purpose: empowering each other and amplifying the evolution of the heart-based paradigm whilst facilitating widespread health and well-being across our communities.

The BrightSky dream-seed sprouted in 2018, nourished by the energy and imagination of a wide and interesting bunch of supporters and collaborators, each bringing ideas and activities into the mix.
In April 2019 the core team got together with Maya Agency in Bristol to kick-off the re-brand, ahead of Maya designing and developing the website.

The workshop helped us simplify back down and pinpoint the essence of our purpose and vision.

BrightSky’s embryonic identity reflected the energy of a new day, a Spring morning — that sense of freshness and possibility that opens up when the sky brightens. With Maya we expanded on that potential to explore more deeply who we are now, who we aim to make the most difference to, where we’re going and the values that matter most to us

BrightSky illustrations

Working with Maya felt immediately easy and creative because we share similar values. We discovered a shared desire to demystify spirituality and help make the wisdom and expertise within our networks accessible to everyone. The design team translated this into a friendly and approachable wordmark, which nonetheless carries the diamond light of leadership and guidance. We love how trust is encoded in the wordmark’s consistent angles and how community is rendered in the letter bridge.

The ‘Children’s Fire’ has inspired us and has become a guiding principle. It’s a powerful piece of wisdom long shared by leadership mentor Mac Macartney with the permission of Lakota tribal elders in Northern California. Tending the Children’s Fire means taking responsibility for the wellbeing of the children for seven generations to come in every decision and action we take.

You’ll see Children’s Fire imagery throughout our project

As the design team explored various logo iterations, we loved seeing the Children’s Fire incorporated in the seven-sided figure that emerged, fire and light shining out from its heart.

We felt the stability of the tree of knowledge growing rooted and healthy, just as practitioners will thrive within the BrightSky Community.
We saw the gentle hands tending the fire and knew we were seeing the trust and care that BrightSky epitomizes; both for clients served by our practitioners and for the generations yet to come.

“I feel kinship with BrightSky. From first meeting I feel a quality of integrity that I can trust. This means a lot to me. When spirit, vision, expertise, and pragmatism come together, the Children’s Fire can flourish. This, for me, is BrightSky.”
Mac Macartney, BrightSky Ambassador, 2019

We also honour the legacy of lawyer Polly Higgins, who passed away this year, within the new BrightSky logo: hands tenderly holding tree. Polly’s legacy includes the proposal for ecocide to become an international crime, to protect the Earth from ecological and climate ecocide, and the Mission Lifeforce project.
All BrightSky members will be invited to become Earth Protectors.

As Maya added colour, pattern and texture and the brand came to life, we appreciated how our personality began to shine through — friendly and playful yet strong and authoritative; depth and maturity alongside innovation; modern and expressive and yet also understated, so it’s our members and their work that stand out most on our platform.

Maya have created something really beautiful and meaningful for us with the re-brand and we’re looking forward to sharing our visual identity with the world as we launch.

“Seeing the end result is such a joy for me. I look at and think: “This is who we are” and it fills me with a sense of pride and gratitude. Thanks Maya! The creative process we undertook has been a great experience and a lot of fun!” Bart de Greeve, BrightSky Team

Words by Charlotte Dean, BrightSky Team



BrightSky Community

BrightSky is coming. Our community and platform will support practitioners to make connections and build thriving livelihoods.